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Title: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: Trurider on June 07, 2019, 08:44:43 PM
Looking at the various U-Tube Test rides of the GXR250R it appears that the top speed of this bike is 140 KPH (130KPH actual 80.77 mph ) that is very poor compared to the GW250F of 151 KPH which on the same degree of inaccuracy would be 139KPH - 87 MPH.  The only reason that appear to explain this is that they have shortened the gearing to make the bike accelerate faster.  I hate to think of what the V Strom 250 version is like. 
I like the fact that my GW250F is only marginally shorter than a Triumph Bonneville and has the same presence on the road but only costs a fraction of the cost to buy, insure and maintain. 
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: Trurider on June 22, 2019, 06:06:42 PM
I have now found information on the V Strom 250.  Again they have shortened the gearing which now hit Max Power at 8,000 revs not 8,500 as for the GW250.  Top speed is just 136KPH which is only just slower than the GSR250R which hit just 4 KPH more, probably because the rider cold get down on the Tank.  Seems like WE got the best deal being able to hit 151 KPH.  Not a great deal better but on a decent trip out, I am sure it would feel better. 
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: Alfie on June 25, 2019, 11:00:50 PM
Honestly, I cannot understand a bike such as the GSX-R 250. The Zuma makes sense as an affordable, versatile, refined all-rounder small bike. The V-Strom is also a great commuter, although its price (at least here in Spain) is difficult to be understood having other options in its segment not much more expensive and quite more powerful as the CB500X and TRK502 among others... but, what's the purpose of the GSX-R today? A sports bike which is not really sporty? A bike less versatile than the Zuma or the V-Strom with no advantage in performance? A bike for beginners with that cost-performance ratio, having better options for the price to buy new and then sell it after two years? Really?
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: tookadum on June 26, 2019, 07:42:55 AM
In the UK a 250 once was, but will never be again, a decent sports bikes for the younger lads to ride around on. They were classed as overpowered for commuting but not quite there for cruising.

We now have a lot of 'posers' who perhaps can't afford a big sports bike or would prefer to spend their money on their brightly coloured leathers and race around town at death defying speeds looking like power-rangers! I think this is perhaps the target customer base for these bikes.

A 250 will never be a sports bike and people who buy them with this thought are perhaps a little stupid. 250's are, possibly what you have all brought them for - I know I did, a reliable little commuting bike that has enough power and cheap enough to run for long commutes and can still bring a smile to your face on a sunny Sunday ride out  :028:
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: Trurider on June 26, 2019, 10:23:52 PM
The testers of the GXR250R like it as a fun bike.  Small bikes can be fun and anything over 500cc usually has a weight problem making it harder to push them into bends.  That however was more in the past and the 600's became the best of all worlds though they are now a dying breed.  My point and belief is that in order to make the GXR250R exiting enough was to shorten the fearing which shows that the GW engine is actually nearer its optimum.  I think that the GW especially the F version is a good middleweight tourer in addition t being a decent commuter.  On my F version
 I find that the screen is good enough in directing the wind round me that I can leave my visor fully open. 
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: mzterg on July 10, 2019, 07:12:22 PM
Hi Trurider  :158:,

I have been keeping an eye on the GSX250R replacement parts in the hope that they had increased the gearing, but the final drive is just the same as our old Inazumas with 14/46t sprockets  :112:.  I very much doubt they have changed any gearbox internals when they went from Inazuma to GSX250R so I am surprised that you think the gearing has changed other than the speed tests you mention.  Have you seen any info regarding internal gearbox ratios?  My money is on the GSX250R being identical to the Inazuma.  Speed tests etc vary wildly between magazines and testers with all sorts of variables, so using speed alone is not conclusive of any gearing change.

But - I am very happy to be proved wrong.  The main gripe is the standard Inazuma is too low geared  :232:, but there are plenty of posts on what to do about it  :028:

Best regards,

Ride On  :305:

Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: tookadum on July 10, 2019, 07:35:22 PM
Probably the same engine / gearbox and they had tweeked the ecu so that the engine revs higher  :027:
Title: Re: Suzuki GXR250R
Post by: Robell on July 11, 2019, 07:56:12 PM
Given it makes the same power, I've no reason to think the engine tune, or the ecu, are different  :002: