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Title: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on April 02, 2019, 04:30:47 PM
Hi everyone - I can't see anyone else ever having the issue, but if only to document it happening for posterity - mine has packed in so will be swapped in the next few days from a eBay seller's used stock.

For the last month or so I'd find the MPH/ KMPH read out reset as if a battery disconnect had happened. That got slowly worse to the point where it was happening 2-3 times a day and then finally the whole LCD went out so I lost gear indicator and fuel guage and the rev counter with it.  It then came back and this happened a few more times over a few weeks while I pondered what the cause could be and meanwhile stuck a GPS speedo app on my phone for a guide!

Eventually (last week) the unit went off and didn't come back (indicators, neutral light always worked) so I've pulled the whole bike to bits disconnecting and reconnecting every connector I could find to see if there was a crusty pin causing the issue. I found quite a lot of crust so fixed all that but still have no working LCD/ rpm so I've now ordered the new clocks.  Hopefully that fixes the old girl and I'll be back and legal again. Just a shame the original mileage is now lost and the pennies the bike is now worth are even less!

Having had to change the LH coil at the start of the year I'm hoping this is it for unexpected failures this year as I'd really prefer just to put fuel and service items into it until next summer when I'll hopefully put it out to pasture...

Just a side note: I've done 53K miles on it now; it's still going well and putting a smile on my face. I'm hoping I can get a little more life from the clutch by tightening it up again next service (it's slipping too much at the moment), but there's no noise yet from the cam chain so I'm still optimistic it'll do another year  :305:

Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Robell on April 02, 2019, 08:00:54 PM

I'm on 36k miles. Only fault I've had on the dash is the neutral indicator.
Electrical woes I had last year turned out to be the ECU  :012:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on April 03, 2019, 09:49:04 AM
Irritatingly, the dash is all back and working again today as if nothing was ever wrong! 

10 days with no display and then all fine.  :009: That's got me worried it isn't the instrument unit and a break in a wire somewhere that's the problem.  I think I'll go ahead and fit the new clocks anyway as it'll help to prove either way.  Just a shame with my 'F' model that I've got to pull 8 panels and the screen off to get at it!  :006:

I can tell it isn't just the LCD display that is failing as the mileage is missing from the last week. That said, having power to bits of the unit (indicators, neutral and 'red' lights as well as the LCD backlight) does make things confusing and is why I was leaning towards a problem in the instrument unit rather than with stuff going into it.

I 'm guessing it isn't just the speed sensor as that presumably wouldn't stop the gear indicator or the fuel indicator working and I'd have expected a failed speed sensor just to show zero and no rpms instead of nothing at all. I don't think it's the ECU as the bike is running happy as larry.

Gotta love a mystery!

Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on April 08, 2019, 02:25:44 PM
Continuing the saga for those interested or amused; the replacement instrument set arrived, got installed and failed to help.

I now know there's unlikely a problem with my instrument panel, the trouble is I'm now looking at the ECU and wondering what's going on there.

Looking at the wiring diagram in the service manual; both the speed sensor and the fuel pump/ indicator send wires directly to the instrument panel, but they also send one to the ECU. The gear indicator seems to go only to the ECU. I've no way of testing wires other than to confirm continuity, but the biggest problem at the instrument panel plug was the cabling can't be got at so I had no way of telling which pin was which. I've a feeling the ECU plugs will be similar.

I've yet to pull the ECU out of it's cosy little hole so that's job one this evening. As the issue is intermittant I'm still hoping it's a loose connection that's causing the problem, but if I still draw a blank after cleaning the plugs, then I'm tossing up whether to go to a garage for them to figure out or just shoving it in the canal.  :151:

On a positive note, after popping the clutch cover off (and spending way longer than planned removing the old gasket) I took up the slack between the plates and the clutch is feeling great again.
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Actuim on April 20, 2019, 08:59:19 PM
My instrument panel packed in on the way home today, indicators, high beam etc all work except for gear indicator, fuel gauge, speedometer and rev counter. Going to take her apart tomorrow and have a look and hopefully get it sorted. Did you manage to get it resolved and if so what was your solution?
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on April 26, 2019, 08:03:56 PM
That's really interesting! Though obviously also very annoying!

I've not got mine sorted yet as I've been too busy and annoyed with it to fiddle. I've ruled out the instrument cluster and ECU so am assuming the problem is in the wiring. I've yet to get into it but there's a dark green wire that I need to check continuity on as that's sending the serial data between the two units. There's one other wire if that is fine, but but I can't remember the colour right now. Between the ECU and the connector inside the to left fairing is easiest to check, otherwise it's the full strip down to check between that connector and the instruments.

I can't understand why the wires would fail as there's no stress on them but that's all that's left on mine. Meanwhile I've a GPS speed app on my phone I'm using and I'm filling up every couple of days to be sure I don't run out of gas!
Best of luck!
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on April 27, 2019, 10:34:55 AM
Most electrical problems on newer bikes are caused by moisture. This obviously becomes more evident as the bike gets older and moisture builds up. As bikes these days also rely on many electrical components such as ECU's and LCD displays the problems mount up.
I had an old Yamaha that was almost 20 years old - only electrical problems was bulbs as the speedo and tach were cable driven and worked perfectly - the gear position sensor was my brain / memory - and yes, that failed occasionally!!

Many people think that by covering their bikes with a bike cover will help keep the moisture out- in fact it makes it worse because in the hot weather any moisture under the cover (and there is a lot) evaporates and makes the air under the cover very moisture laden and compounds the problem.
If you are able simply get a hair dryer on the parts that are not working, or better still leave the bike in the hot sunshine and some of these problems may disappear for a short while.
I added for a short while as the fact is if moisture has gotten in somewhere it will continue to do so and likely the only way to prevent the issue is to replace the seals or sealed component.
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Kantara on April 27, 2019, 04:44:02 PM
I have not used my bike for nearly seven months apart from starting it up at least three times per week.  Maybe later, if and when my health improves I will take it out on the road. :006:
I used to keep it covered with a sheet and a Suzuki bike cover, that is until I read tookadum's today's post.  I will remove the sheet and the bike cover.
I suppose I have been lucky with condensation because whilst the bike is standing in the garage the wife has the washing machine and tumble dryer going which normally takes approx one and a half hours.  I do have the dehumidifier going and the tank is nearly full of water after everything is finished.
Thanks tookadum for the info.  I will now remove the sheet and bike cover.
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on April 27, 2019, 06:18:14 PM
Same here Kantara - mine has not moved in over a month cos of issues  :019:

This group is getting full of geriatrics lol.  Perhaps you should change your name to Thread - then there will be a photo here for people to remember you by  :481:       :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745:

Hope you are fit enough to race up and down the footpaths outside your house soon - take care mate  :028:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on May 07, 2019, 09:23:36 PM
Well, I've finally fixed it. I found a break in a wire which was causing the problems. It was black with a red tracer and it was located on the instrument side of the connector located under the left top fairing. The clean break was just before the bundled cables disappear inside black wrapping. No idea what could have caused it, but it was fixed with 10 minutes soldering.

Hopefully this might help Actuim?

One upside was six weeks of miles not going on the clock!

I won't miss the fuel anxiety though...
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on May 08, 2019, 08:39:28 AM
Glad you managed to get it sorted.

Rarely what could be the obvious causes are the culprit but at least it may help others in resolving similar issues.

I would suggest that you don't learn to rely on the fuel gauge too much as if you buy a bigger bike (and a lot more expensive) the manufacturers seem to think that a fuel gauge is not a necessity !!!  :232:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: AdamH31 on May 08, 2019, 09:51:24 AM
Thanks Tookadum

It's not just bigger bikes - my last last machine; a 125cc Honda Cub had not only an unreliable fuel gauge but also about the tiniest fuel tank in the world (3.7 litres!)

I kept a 1 litre jerry can under the seat for when it inevitably ran out  :028:

I went on tour to France and Spain with it and riding south from Bordeaux, I entered a huge forest. I covered about 120 miles with no fuel stops which; including the gas in the jerry can was about the absolute limit of my range.  If you'd ever wanted to watch an example of fuel efficient riding - you'd have seen it that afternoon!
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on May 08, 2019, 03:42:17 PM
I guess it's the same on the Inazuma if you try to keep the eco light on! Open the throttle a bit too much and it goes out!!!

I have brought a Fuelpak FP3 for my Harley - it let's you play with the tuning, that too has an eco application on. I tried really really hard to ride a tank full of fuel out and keeping the eco light on - I did it for about 2.5 miles !!!  :192:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Kantara on May 08, 2019, 07:23:55 PM
AdamH31 - You have made my day.  Maybe my Marauder 125 with a full tank will last me 12 months. :046:

Now tookadum careful what you say about my Marauder.  :232:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on May 08, 2019, 08:12:45 PM
If you keep the cap on the tank it should last longer than 12 months - it don't evaporate that quickly !!!  :745: :745: :745:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Kantara on May 09, 2019, 02:19:33 PM
Is that the big round one with a key thingy? :187:  :159:
Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: tookadum on May 09, 2019, 04:48:01 PM
NO STUPID!  :230:

I said keep the cap on the tank - a simple instruction I thought!  :192:

Title: Re: Instrument panel packed in!
Post by: Kantara on May 11, 2019, 08:09:18 AM
Duh I thought you ment the petrol tank. :112: