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Click on the link below and it will take you to your profile (members only) where you can add or edit your pin location. You must add yourself, not others, as it's linked to your login. If required use the slider to zoom into the map.

Try not to add the pin directly on top of your actual house but preferably a location nearby or maybe somewhere in the same street. Note that you can only add or edit your pin in your profile, you can't add or edit on this page which is solely for viewing the map only.

The map only shows Europe by default. Zoom out and you'll see other members in other parts of the world. So don't forget that we are a world-wide site so even if you live in the US, Australia, or any country for that matter you can still add yourself to the map ! Also, some areas like the Uk have so many pins that it's not possible to initially see them all. Just zoom in and you'll see them !

Click here to add or edit your pin location on the map.

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