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Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Muffler spares disappearing
« Last post by Resident Weevil on Dec 02, 2023, 01.41 pm »
TBH I'd cut my losses and get a stainless system if you can afford it. I had similar problems and got a Delkevik 2 into 1 from Ebay for £309. (They've since reduced the price to £204 which is an absolute bargain) It looks much better, sounds great, shaves a massive 8kgs off the weight and you'll never have to worry about rust again.
NB - this is for the 450mm oval silencer system, prices go as low as £194.99 for the stubby 225mm version. If you search Suzuki GW250 in their shop there's various options available.
New Members / Hi
« Last post by Chechovillar on Nov 30, 2023, 01.00 am »
Hi, I am Sergio from Colombia. I bought a Inazuma from 2020. I really love my Inazuma and the people looks my Ina like "What type of motorcycle is that?". Very few people know the Inazumas and know that they are a tough nut to crack. I am the one who repairs my motorcycle. The mechanics in my city are very expensive and do not do the things you ask of them.

So I decided to enter this forum to please help me with some problems.

Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Muffler spares disappearing
« Last post by DJN on Nov 27, 2023, 11.49 am »
The  left hand stub connecting  my GW's collector box to the  silencer (muffler) has fractured - leaving  its remains stuck up the exhaust pipe  :(

Browsing  the relevant parts assembly   at "Fowlers of Bristol"    -  a  major Suzuki emporium over here -  was  bad news:

 Exhaust  (ie downpipes & collector)    £908.77     - not in stock
Right muffler                                        £215.32      - no longer available
Left muffler                                        £1046.29      - not in stock

So  I will  be looking for someone to weld the dammed thing up.
New Members / Re: Hello from Germany.......
« Last post by Hucky on Nov 22, 2023, 06.36 am »
Willkommen. And that's about it even though my partner is German. When I joined I was told the forum was a bit quiet. It's a shame but then this is my first return visit since I joined. I like the Inazuma. The riding position is nice and I think I was lucky with the bike. It's started showing a FI warning light though, which is why I'm back here. Hope you enjoy your bike. Cheers, Hucky.
Maintenance and Servicing / Dunlop ARROWMAX
« Last post by DJN on Nov 16, 2023, 05.01 pm »
   I have just replaced the original  "Road Winner"  tyres with a pair of "Arrowmax".
These were  suggested; after some research by the local tyre shop - the Michelin alternatives being
dismissed as unsuitable for the relatively heavy Inazuma.

  The treads are deep (6mm on rear) and the tyres feel more bouncy than before.  They  work well in the wet.

Maintenance and Servicing / Re: CHAIN SIZE AND SPROCKET SIZE - USA
« Last post by Robell on Nov 06, 2023, 06.54 pm »
 " People turn down my repairs because they don't want to touch a Japanese motorcycle."  - wow, nothing complicated about the Inazuma, I've been servicing mine at home for the last 10 years.

Not sure if it's still available, but I've got a copy of the Suzuki workshop manual, which covers everything

It's Chinese bikes you need to stay away from !

I'd agree with all the above.
Check any black painted parts of the exhaust.
Paint finish on the wheels is poor, on the frame front downtube and the swingarm
Wheel bearings and the drive chain are also cheap, aftermarket parts should last much better

Once sorted, it's a very cheap bike to run tho :-)
If you are buying in a cold climate, check for rust!  The inside of the swing arms can fill with water and rust, you can remove one of the chain tensioners and take a look inside. The outside of the swinger arms can rust. Wheel bearings wear out after 10,000+ miles. The exhaust catalyser (box in middle of the exhaust assembly) rusts in colder climates, this is really expensive to replace upwards  of 600 pounds. The engine bolts and fairing screw can also rust and need replacing.
The bolts that attach the exhaust pipes to the motor (four) can rust and be very difficult to extract.
Advise, treat the bike with an anti-rust preparation and then regularly every winter.
Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Mileage
« Last post by WaffleHouse on Nov 05, 2023, 06.56 pm »
Less than 12K miles.
I now live in the back of beyond.
"Nothin' to do, nowhere to go-oh"
Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Mileage
« Last post by Robell on Oct 27, 2023, 07.01 pm »
Just turned 50k miles  - sorry, late reply, I don't login much these days  :002:
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