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Title: GW 250F "F" is for ... TIRES
Post by: onazoomerF on May 20, 2020, 01:32:38 AM
Got Bridgestone Battleaxe BT45 front and back. Started after lunch to remove front Tire. A few hours later I got it off. I'm kayaking tomorrow, and I think I'll need a tow. My muscles are done-in by the battle with the tools and tires and wheels. Maybe that accounts for the name of the tires.

I packed all my tools away again. That way I'll wonder where the heck did I put that ... ? I don't favour the fight to put the new one on. That seems nice and stiff, and as thought the rim won't fit in that orbit.

One thing interesting was finding that the front wheel's hung on an axle that has a 12mm hex. After a bit of blundering on the internet, I found a local shop that sold me the 1/2" drive hex socket. I mean, I'm glad I haven't had a need, on the road, to remove that wheel. Nothing in my stock kit would do it. As it is, I"m gonna have to carry a ratchet and an adapter to get that thing off at the roadside.

I imagine the aft tire is gonna be a weekend excursion. I mean, it feels STIFF compared with original equipment; and I perceive a weight difference. I think it's perceived only.

I'm guessing I'm gonna use some stranglehold materials to wrap around the tires in order to seat 'm withe my bicycle pump.  Wait. I could put 'm in the car and go to town and find a compressor.

I hope my riding hereafter is going to make the many hours worth the effort.  I just want to do it. And there's some vanity (dah) in being able to say "I did it myself". But l learned about the hex drive, which I'd have not learned, had I hired someone to do it.

Anyway, it's not going to be done soon. Then there's that damn air filter, and the spark plugs, and the gap. All in due time. Although it might have been smarter to change the air filter while I had half the GW 250 F's fairing off to tend to the light. I just didn't want all those parts sitting out in the March cold, and wanted to do the cold finger work even less. After all ... summer is coming. Isn't it?

Stay healthy, y'all.
Title: Re: GW 250F "F" is for ... TIRES
Post by: onazoomerF on May 20, 2020, 01:42:47 AM
the light issue referenced above was that that damn little wire springy thingy that holds the bulb in CAME AWAY FROM THE SCREW that holds it in place. I found that issue whilst trying to install a halogen bulb.. Anyone got a way to keep water out of the electrics while letting the fan cool the bulb? 

Seems un do able.
Title: Re: GW 250F "F" is for ... TIRES
Post by: onazoomerF on May 24, 2020, 02:52:24 AM
Installed Bridgestone Battlax 45 front and back. The stern wheel was tough to set, because the manual's illustration didn't quite match what the eye saw at the axle assembly, and lifting the bike and trying to fit a few pieces gently, wasn't all that easy. Just frustrating to do the same task a few times. They say that's how we learn, but I'm not sure if ...

Rode 250 km. Broken in. What a superb affect. This is like a different bike. Smooth transition in and out of turns.

Heading easterly in Ottawa I passed a guy on the other side of the median, pulled over, helmet off. I turned at the next intersection to make a U turn to see if I could help. I got there just in time to see him lift the tank, leaking profusely from the petcock. He was trying to hand turn this and that to stop the gas leak. I suggested putting it on the grass, inverted. Then we tried to sort what to do. It was a 70's vintage Honda 750 parrallel 4. Dirty. He had good rubber, though the rear was getting worn. He picked up the tank again just a big girl on a big Kawi pulled up. Hand turning the petcock didn't work, and none of the toolkit fit.

She said something about a lady's handbag and pulled a big yellow bag from the saddlebag. She dug in and rattled around the way we men have often observed. She pointed to the sky with the rusty ol' adjustable.

Perfect. It fit the petcock nut. He reefed, and I suggested "Not too much". He then said I'm gonna order a new petcock next week. I suggest he just try some Teflon tape. He stowed the tank, fired 'r up, and the two of 'm headed westerly, after handshakes all around.

In the conversation, she'd mentioned "I'm a mechanic".

That young man learned a couple of things this day.