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New Members / New guy here! Gallery access?
« Last post by Dawn_Treader on Jan 28, 2023, 05.17 pm »
Hi All!  I am the proud owner of a new to me 2013 'Zuma.  I call it Robinson because it's black and smoked a little when I got a little oil on the exhaust.  I am trying to take the top cover off, but it's a beast!  I can't access the gallery to see pictures described in some of the posts.  What do I do for Gallery access?
Perhaps parts are cheaper in India, but I was told by Indians
on some youtube post (if I remember correctly) that the
Suzuki GW250 did not sell well there because it was judged too expensive.

Beginning riding at 77!  You are very brave.  Best of luck to you.
I shall indeed sir, cheers.
Even if you do go for the Royal Enfield, you won't be getting a shoddy machine. Build quality is excellent and as you rightly say, the user serviceability is second to none. Plus, there are some really nice colour schemes and the online shop 'Enfield Accessories' sells some really nice add ons for the Royal Enfield twins that really do make them look a class apart from most other machines. Let us know which way you go when you make a purchase!
Thanks. User serviceability and ease of maintenance is a deal maker for me, it was the fact that the Inazuma has screw adjuster valves that was the deciding factor as to whether or not I bought one.
Whereas my heart still says Bonnie 900, my head (and wallet) say either an Interceptor or a Bonneville 865 SE.
Then again I've always had an irrational hankering to own an old BMW airhead...
Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Key Cutting ?
« Last post by Pickwick on Jan 07, 2023, 09.49 pm »
Like several of you, I got only one key with my bike.  For my US-model 2015 GW250F a perfect fit blank is SZ14RAP; the internet is full of places selling them.  The postage and grinding cost more than the key blanks (minimum purchase of 5 from the place I used) but now I have three functional keys and three extra blanks, for about $20; well worth it in my book.
I owned a Bonneville (hence my username!) at one point, but it was an older machine which lacked many of the mod cons newer Bonnies have. It was a 2007 so it was the last of the carbed model, no ABS or riding modes. That said it was still a lovely bike. The newer Bonnies are way more specced out than the Royal Enfields, which is reflected in the price I guess. The newer Triumph bikes surpass the RE range in almost every respect, from build quality to ride comfort as far as I can tell. But again, you are paying maybe £3k or £4k more for a new Triumph. Definitely get what you pay for but the Royal Enfield makes up for that by being very user serviceable and wildly modifiable. Depends on your budget really. But Triumphs are in a different class to the Enfields.
Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Preload by rider weight
« Last post by CeeCee on Jan 02, 2023, 06.42 pm »
*Originally Posted by ALPINEBAT [+]
175 CM X 120 KG ( :005:) tengo il mono sul 6 e va bene sulle strade ben tenute o con qualche piccola imperfezione.

Inazuma GW250 - General Chat / Re: Preload by rider weight
« Last post by ALPINEBAT on Jan 02, 2023, 03.42 pm »
175 CM X 120 KG ( :005:) tengo il mono sul 6 e va bene sulle strade ben tenute o con qualche piccola imperfezione.
New Members / Re: New Guy from Canada
« Last post by ALPINEBAT on Jan 02, 2023, 03.38 pm »
Bravo! Io (58!) ho acquistato la Inazuma 250 l'anno scorso ad ottobre proprio per imparare ad andare in moto e ad oggi ho fatto quasi 18000 km, moltissimi sulle Alpi!
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