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Title: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: Umoth on September 08, 2019, 04:33:47 AM
Hi all.
After just over 6 years and 8k miles I have had to send both brake callipers off for a rebuild.
The exposed portion of the pistons on the calipers looked like a 90 year old wrought iron fence, rusty as  :232:

One of the pistons on the front caliper was seized. Riding off on a cold morning was like a 90cc chicken-chaser for the first mile, until the caliper warmed up and expanded slightly allowing the piston to release.
So, with the callipers away for 2 weeks at Powerhouse being rebuilt and having stainless pistons fitted I thought I would fit stainless steel braided  brake hoses, or at least one on the front.

But no one seems to list them for the GW250. But a brake hose is a brake hose.

So anyone fitted a front stainless braided hose? Just looking for a part number so I can order one the right length etc.

My 21 year old GSF600 has braided front hoses and callipers rebuilt by powerhouse and i have to do is look at the brake lever and i’m stopping.
Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: tookadum on September 08, 2019, 10:34:15 AM
I doubt you will find anyone that manufactures them specific for the Inazuma. There are quite a few bikes that if you looked you would find no listing as it's not worth them doing so for a bike that has not sold in the 1,000's
However, there are many places out there that sell them in specific lengths and you don't need to be too accurate when measuring (you should have no problem fitting them as they are standard) or that will actually make them in the length you require if you can't find any close to the size you need.

You will likely find the brake performance improves with braided lines too as there is no 'flex' in the line.  :028:

Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: Umoth on September 08, 2019, 11:45:11 AM
That was my exact point..

No one lists the bike because it did not sell in huge numbers.

So you have simply told me what I already know.

(Sarcastic voice) Thanks.

I was hoping someone might know the length of the lines so I could simply visit ‘brake lines for u’ and order part number 5 because someone else had already done the hard work and could share the knowledge.

Well, i remember why I do not visit this forum often.
Lots of topics, no one knows anything actually useful, or cares to share it if they do.

Ah, my grandad used to use elbow wax to polish his shoes, but no one knows where to buy it these days......

Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: tookadum on September 08, 2019, 05:55:23 PM
My understanding of a forum like this is that people ask a question to which they need advice and someone can point them in the direction that they need to be pointed in order to obtain the item / expertise that they need in order to solve a problem.

I think what you are actually trying to do is to get someone else to do something that you perhaps know how to do but simply can't be bothered to do yourself ??

My reply was meant to be helpful to you in that I thought you did not know how to obtain them, had I known the length of them I would have told you but having read your reply I am glad that I didn't know this and would like to amend my initial reply:

Instead of being a lazy sod get a tape measure out and do what any mechanic would do - measure them!

Should I ever read that anyone in the future needs advice I will consider if it is actually a dumb question to ask before actually replying.
Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: Robell on September 09, 2019, 06:43:45 PM
Mine's about the same age, tho the mileage is higher.

I've changed the pistons once, tho only because I wanted to change the seals.
Regular cleaning is the only way to prolong life, esp with something as exposed as brakes.  :002:
Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: tookadum on September 10, 2019, 04:44:09 PM
Harley Davidson are presently doing a recall on some bikes that have a certain type of caliper as the pistons are prone to sticking - causing accidents!!

They suggest that anyone living in a 'salty atmosphere' checks their brakes prior to use  :169:

Silly me, I thought that checking brakes was something motorcyclists did on a regular basis?  :027:
Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: DJN on October 06, 2019, 06:24:03 PM
 Well I  was happy with the performance of the SWAGE front brake line kit that I fitted some years back
and posted about....
 These could be ordered for the Zuma  via   eBay.   Nb, as they come from Japan,
the current price may shock.
Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: xris_xcess on June 19, 2020, 05:09:15 PM

I'm also looking to upgrade front brake line/hose.

I'm having a hard time sourcing the correct length and fittings.

I did in fact do my homework and measure the front line... 84cm/34in aprox.

What I do need a little help with is confirming the banjo fittings and bolts.

From what I have found the bolts are m10x1.25... no reference in the manual, but several shops and users claim that nissin/suzuki combo use that thread.

For the banjo fittings I would say the master cylinder end is a 20ºx20º bend and the caliper end is 20º.

Also, the washers are regular or with the rubber interior?

Any chance someone could confirm this? Or if you have installed a new line with other fittings that still work? (maybe a slightly longer line with straight fittings?)

Title: Re: Stainless brake hoses
Post by: Umoth on July 22, 2020, 06:30:14 PM
By the end of the month (July 2020) HEL performance ( should be able to supply front and rear stainless braided hoses.

I have sent them mine to use as a pattern.

I get back with the costs.