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εαμ ελας σταση a
Ampelofyto (old form Ampelofyton) is a village of Nestoras municipality.In 2001 the population was 348, in the past it was up to 1000, many left the village during the 1960s. It was named after the vineyards in the region. Before the 1930s it was called Agorelitsa. The village was in the…
 Views: 661
Posted by pai_mei
Aug 10, 2014
in pai_mei
πολυς αερας κορωνη φοινικουντα 4 a
windy day, going to foinikounta from koroni, greece
 Views: 898
Posted by pai_mei
Aug 10, 2014
in pai_mei
σημειο σαβουρας κορωνη a
slippery road!!!  :232: :232: :232: :232: And I didn't understand it early enough...
 Views: 698
Posted by pai_mei
Aug 10, 2014
in pai_mei
φοινικουντα σκηνη 2 a
inside the tent
 Views: 668
Posted by pai_mei
Aug 10, 2014
in pai_mei

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