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Author CHAIN SIZE AND SPROCKET SIZE - USA  (Read 11361 times)

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    on: Oct 20, 2023, 03.50 pm
    Oct 20, 2023, 03.50 pm
    Good morning y'all, Im located in Florida, United States.
    In this side of the world, Im finding it extremely difficult to find parts for the GW's. I have been in need of new front and back sprockets, which they are back-ordered everywhere I call. Also, every store I call, they give me different information regarding the sprockets.
    Can you all help me with,
    1. What are the actual sizes, or teeth number, for the front and back sprockets, and chain?
    2. Is there any mechanic in the state of Florida, close to Orlando, Tampa, Miami, that has experience with this Suzukis? People turn down my repairs because they don't want to touch a Japanese motorcycle.
    3. Any videos y'all recommend to watch for regular maintenance?

    Thank you all.

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    Reply #1 on: Oct 21, 2023, 07.59 pm
    Oct 21, 2023, 07.59 pm

    Here's a link for Inazuma bits including chains and sprockets, to help you out.

    I got the 1 tooth less for the rear and find it a great deal better than the original. So that's 45 down from 46 teeth. The front is 14 teeth as standard. Incidentally, I also went with a JT chain. It's a 520 with 116 links.

    Something like this ebay link below will do you but it's the standard rear sized sprocket. You should be able to find them local to you. They're easy to fit but the front sprocket nut is extremely tight! You'll need an impact gun or a good breaker bar and a fat woman to sit on the bike while you fight with the nut!!!


    There's nothing special with the Inazuma regarding maintenance (other than the 3k mile service intervals, and yes that includes oil, filter and valve gap checks).

    Can't help you with your other request, I'm in the old country.
    Good luck.  :002:
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    Reply #2 on: Nov 06, 2023, 06.54 pm
    Nov 06, 2023, 06.54 pm
     " People turn down my repairs because they don't want to touch a Japanese motorcycle."  - wow, nothing complicated about the Inazuma, I've been servicing mine at home for the last 10 years.

    Not sure if it's still available, but I've got a copy of the Suzuki workshop manual, which covers everything

    It's Chinese bikes you need to stay away from !