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Offline Tayto

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Heated grips back in action
« on: September 26, 2020, 12:00:08 AM »
Well Hello people

It has tookadum for me to get back on here  :155: , Hope to hear you an yours are all keeping well in these very strange times, Grateful to report that all here are well Thank Buddha,
Anyways, was out on the bike this evening visiting a friend, it was getting chilly while getting ready for the home run, I starts up the bike an my mate starts shouting about some neoprene gloves that are in lidl or aldi this week.. I said they be worth looking at for the fishing, My hands felt cold as we spoke, just about to take off when I remembered i had fitted the heated grips  :015:
So i said to him i forgot about the heated grips... He says u didn't forget the pocket warmers when we went for a walk did you   :745: :745: :745:

That cracked me up, he was talking about a time around 8 to 10 year back when we took a long winter walk along a high river and canal bank, the freezing wind was howling on the day  Then he says 'My hands are freezing off me'   
I say's ' your getting soft kid I find it comfortable'  asked him to feel my hand an he was amazed at how warm it was... I didn't tell him about the peecock petrol pocket warmers that were burning away in my pockets until we got home. He wasn't impressed But to this day he has a little dig at me over letting him suffer  :015:

Tell you lads if u suffer from bad circulation or are generally suffering with cold hand during the colder months  Then the 2 things I recommend are heated grips and pocket warmers  :028:

I have to tell you's this one, was out in the native american canoe that i made some time back, the water was around 10 - 11c . I turned over in it and was carried down the Shannon river at speed with me hanging on to it  :745:, it was an amazing feeling knowing I couldn't swim an my self inflating life jacket couldn't inflate. the good thing was i knew if i could hang on long enough i be passing a boat club that was usually pretty busy... sure enough just as i was about to freeze up they grabbed my collar an dragged me back to reality.
I know both of the lads that pulled me out of the river so I told them that when the pubs open again i would take them for a drink,
my local has opened again after the long lockdown So I will be booking a table for them as soon as the rush cools down.

Well lesson learnt, when the waters warmed up I took a sit on top kayak out to sea for a bit of fishing  :110:   
it was great on the way to the mark which was roughly 2 km out from the head. Dropped my feathers to the bottom which was about 90 to 100ft an on reeling up caught 4 fish  :046: Happy days... I was enjoying getting the fish into the basket which was behind me so much that i didn't see the big wave that was about to hit me... BOOM! I was over again  :745: :745:  luckily my mate paddled over to me an kept his head,
he managed to right my yak an get all my gear back  :047:

He hadn't caught a fish yet so later it was pleasing to hear him shout that he was in a big one, We used light gear while fishing from the yaks So his rod was bending nicely. he was pulling an dragging on whatever was on his line.. Then i hear him say  'did u lose a jumper by any chance' 

He not only retrieved all my gear that was floating about But he actually caught a jumper that i was using as a cushion which had sunk  :745: :745: :745:

Lads I was safer before they locked down the pubs  :169: an now that they reopened I don't want to risk going in them But I'm willing to do things that could kill me in other ways.

Tis a strange old life, Be careful out there folks  :001:

Offline tookadum

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2020, 07:37:42 AM »
Hello old pal,

Am still alive and thinking about biking a lot lol. :730:

Brought myself a scooter to go fishing on but things have not gone to plan health wise so have not used it - only 38km on it !   :151:  I reckon it's still faster than your lump of iron !  :745:
The Harley is all wrapped up and has been for a while now, looks like next year at the earliest before I will be out. I have to say though that it's looking clean and would pass as a new one out of the showroom  :028:

Pity you don't live closer - I could give you some fishing lessons  :169:

Got a new grandson 6 month old - who I have not yet seen. Think I will write a will and leave him my bikes lol   :127:

So that's me - still here in mind if not in body - take care 'old un' and keep the shiny side up and the rubber firmly rooted!  :821:
I was born with nothing and I still have most of it left !

Offline Tayto

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2020, 11:18:24 PM »
Well hello yourself  :001: :062:

Great to hear from you my friend  :002:  So  you got yourself a scooter for the rough work, The only time your scooter would be faster than my bike is when I pick it up an chuck it in the canal  :745:

This hairy Harley of mine is being well used my friend  :001: It wouldn't be anywhere near showroom condition as your bike is, But I don't feel bad about saying that, It has been ridden hard an fast... * Well as fast as it will go without rattling my fillings out*
I still enjoy the sound and feel of the bike just about as much as I did on day one... Day one cant be beaten But you know what I mean  :169:

The only thing to do with fishing that would be helpful to me is how to get them small maggot hooks out of ones finger,


This little hook dug deep into my finger while pulling things around in the van, there was only a little barb on it But it stuck in so good that no matter how hard i pulled it kept slipping out of my fingers, done a little video in the end of me pulling it out with some grips... Dude it stung so much that i nearly kicked over the table with a bottle of rum on it... Dutch courage  :164:

Delighted to hear you have another little addition to the clan dude God bless him. I would be over the moon to be around to see my grandson take over my boat and bike another 7 year or so an he will be legal to ride, might have to get the bike restricted But it aint too far off,  Then again I might just get him a scooter  :015:

Where's our good friend Kantara, last i can remember hearing from him is a PM around April, Hope to hear he got out on his new ride this season,
I would love to be still living over there just to pop down an visit you guys for a chat, I seen a picture some time back of Kantara and his sister standing over a dead lion, think it was an old starving lion that was only fast enough to catch people,
looks like he had an amazing childhood, Kantara I mean, Not the hungry lion
anyways another bottle of red is about to be popped open So for now I wish you and yours the very best  :169:

Take care my friend  :028:


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Offline Kantara

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2020, 03:17:33 PM »
  Well Hello my good friends,

  Still in lockdown and will be until it is all over  :084: when that will be God only knows.

Have not been out since March, correction 6 times and that was to get my cancer jab.
Hell was this God Given County of Cornwall worried when those invaders from upcountry came down her for their holidays.  Nice to see them go home.

It would be nice to go fishing but Tayto has all the hooks stuck in his fingers!!!!!
Careful dude.  Best to keep them in a tin not your finger.  Whats the problem, afraid you would loose them so you stuck them in your finger.  :084:

I would love to see Tookadum tiding around on his scooter. Still pushing with his feet.  Hell man don't he know you can get electric ones now. :164:

That lion had already killed one chap and half eaten him and mauled another chap, he was lucky to get away and out went the search party, found the lion and shot it.
It was a great two years living on the mining camp.  We had a great time.  Yea I had an amazing childhood.

Just had the mini Harley (Suzuki Marauder) MOTd.  Of course it passed it has only done 2 TWO miles in two years.  I have now got to get some petrol for it.

Nice you have an addition to the family Tookadum.  I only hope you can get to see your grandso soon.

I have to get HEATED GRIPS for the winter, if I am going to go out riding. :008: :008:

It would be great to live closer, mind I think I would out of place with my mini Harley. :164:

Take great care out there, be safe not sorry.

Take care, 


Offline tookadum

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2020, 08:01:48 AM »
Hi Kantara

Glad to hear you are safe down there in the clean part of the planet.

2 miles in 2 years, crikey those lil old engines are built to last eh?  :084:

Keep looking at mine but can't raise the enthusiasm - having said that my favourite ride out is Wales and from 6pm tonight they have banned me!

Strange that you should mention an electric bike - I have just been assessed by a nurse at home and the result is I have now got a blue disabled badge - was gonna ask you for recomendations on disability means of transport as seeing as you hava a Marauder you should know all about that eh?  :745:

Treated myself to a new walking stick for my birthday, is the fast one though (you know, painted black handle) is comfortable when I am out cruising the aisles of Aldi and the rubber stays firmy on the ground whatever manouver I attempt at speed!  :152:

Soon my christmas and we can then look forward to another dismal year stuck in the house looking out the window eh!  :003:

Take care guys.  :821:

I was born with nothing and I still have most of it left !

Offline Kantara

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2020, 01:32:26 PM »

  Hello My  Old Mate,
  Yes so far we are safe and sound down here so anyone up there in your neck of the wood who wants to come down here FORGET IT.  Oh hell man this lockdown/Shielding is nerve racking but we have to do it so we must soldier on. :148:

I have been thinking about one of those blue badges but have kicked it into touch. Two much paperwork.  However it would be nice to get one so we could park anywhere NEXT YEAR. :008

I have had a walking stick for years, nothing fancy, just one you can fold up one put it tour inside pocket.  Oh man it makes me feel old when I use it.  Mind you I have just had my 84 birthday and on the 19 of this month we celebrate our 63 years of marriage.  Not bad eh?  Not many can say that.  Mind you it has been the hardest contract I have ever signed, but well worth it. :047:

I hope you can go to Wales for your ride out.  However you will have to wait because they have closed their border.  I expect they have the Sheriff and his deputies sitting there with their rifles across their knees just waiting for us silly buggers to venture across.  Mind you I don't blame them because they are trying to keep their Country safe.  It is sad but in my opinion there should be a complete lockdown and get this s..t  shorted out.  Pay those who need it.  Hell this country is in debt so deep a bit deeper would go amiss.  Im sure a lot of people feel the same.  It is the governments job to look after ALL the people in this country.  Amen. :047:

My son has sold his two Harleys and bought a brand new latest model Harley.  Very nice colour, sort of sandy colour.  Her bought it on the Thursday and took it in for a 100 mile service on the following Monday.  The garage didn't believe he had done 1000 miles in four days, but he told them he and his mate, another Harley owner had been down to Gods Country Cornwall and back in ONE day and made up the 1000 by riding around.  Bloody mad or what. :087:   Mind you they love their Harleys.  Not as good as the Inazuma or Marauder but close. :004:

Now all you members on the forum please please take great care out there wherever  you are.  This bloody virus don't care if you own a Inazuma or a Harley or any other make of bike.  If you do not be careful it will get you.  Please please take great care.  As I  have mentioned before I have just had my 84th birthday and I would like quite a few more to be able to read what you members have written about your bikes.  :821:

Well my mate Tookadum this is your lot for today.  Please take care, don't be tempted to take that great pile of scrap out on the road or you will end up in a pile of it, if you know what I mean.  :005:

Oh as for Christmas IT HAS BEENCANCELLED. :005:

Cheers mate, take care.  XX




Offline onazoomerF

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Re: Heated grips back in action
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2020, 08:40:58 AM »
Grand read. 63 years? 84 years? What numbers. And keyboarding, still? Waaahoo. And cheers to a a tolerant wife. Mind you, if you're out on that bike, well, it explains a lot of patience. Gongrats on all. Here in Canada maybe it's better. So far. Ontario's so big, it's nothing to ride for three hours unrestricted, just to keep a mask in reach for those rain stops (or snow). Best wishes, friend.


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