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Radial Tyres for the Inazuma GW250
« on: May 11, 2020, 12:15:45 PM »
Looking for reviews of radial tyres that others may have installed on their Inazuma. Today I installed Michelin Pilot Street 2 110/70R17 (front) and 140/70R17 (rear). While the front differs from the OE bias ply (110/80 17) in having 10mm thinner Profile (110/70), I rode the bike 60kms today and as of now, sensed two differences over the original bias ply Tyres.
First that the radials seem to absorb more shocks (judging by going over cats eyes- the original IRCs used to give quite a hard whack - which may be true for all bias ply).
Second difference is that when I let go of the throttle, the bike appears to roll on for longer on the radials than the OE.
Rest, Pilot Street 2 are mediocre radials at best but perhaps still offer a good alternative to move over to radial benefits. Of course if one rides on bad roads frequently, then it may be best to stay with bias-ply instead of radials.
On the appearance side, new bias-ply tyres of the same width 140mm appear broader than the same width radials as the latter are more rounded and the former appeared flatter (compared a new Bridgestone bias-ply with the Michelin radial). My new rear radial looks skinnier but not bad.
Would love to hear the experience of others if they moved to radials or a different type of bias-ply.