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Oddball tires.
« on: December 01, 2019, 11:06:54 PM »
When I ordered new tires to replace my low-mileage but old & deeply cracking
OEM tires, I was feeling experimental.  I bought IRC Road Winners again, but
messed with the sizing a bit.  This was some months ago, so I've ridden quite
a bit with the replacements.

The rear tire:  Replaced stock 140/80 with 130/80.
I have used skinnier than stock rear tires on bikes in the past and
have always been happier, felt that the bike turned better, had a sharper
feeling from the rear tire.  That is how I feel about this switch.  GOOD.

The front tire:  Replaced stock 110/80 with 110/70.
I was having trouble finding a front tire in the stock size.
Some bad googling or something was going on, because I was
able to easily find the correct OEM size about a day after I had ordered.
With past bikes, going for a LARGER than stock aspect ratio was the
hot ticket.  But here I went with a SMALLER than stock aspect ratio.
Result?  Feedback was sharper, but not good. Front tire now feels as though
it is much more easily deflected when hitting bumps.  So I am definitely
cornering less aggressively than I would with an OEM front.  BAD.

I hope this helps.


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