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Hi guys,
thanks for all the info on here,
I just read the other thread on the intstument panel packing in and i think that tip about the moisture that is going to be useful.

My problem is
when i turn the key there is simply nothing. I thought it was a dead battery to start but its not, its stranger...

I rode it in the rain and on a Friday, and covered it and went to ride on Sunday, and nothing happening. On Monday I made sure the battery was charged and it still wasn't working no lights, no sounds not a sausage. On Tuesday i went out with my tools to see what i could find and it just worked. I turned it on and off a few times and it kept working. the panel would flicker the first times a little at the start and then all fine

Until i got about 5 miles from home and I stopped for 5 minutes, went to start again, and nothing. I called the recovery guys who came by, but just before they got there it started again! All works fine when it works, the whole insturment panel, everything

So its really intermittant. when it worked it again, the whole panel flickered a bit before working, so looking like a loose wire somewhere, or maybe moisture?  when it doesn't work there is nothing, but about 5 secs after turning the key off the rev counter spins up to the top and back. so there is something working somewhere.

I was wondering if this could be caused by the solenoid needing a tap with a hammer if its gotten a bit stuck? or do i take it apart and just chase all the cables and wires?

Thanks for your help

Offline Paddisce

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It was a burnt out relay finally.
I guess it was still in process of finally dying.

I wonder if this could have happened when i tried to jump start it from a van?
About a week before, i had left the parking light on and let the battery die.

Now after replacing the relay, the parking light doesnt come on any more, but Im wondering if thats a blessing in disguise, or is it showing that maybe more of the electrics have had a bit of a burn out?... we'll see!

Offline Robell

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Might be asking the obvious, but you have checked the battery terminals are clean tight and the earth.  :002:
" it's better to burn out, than to fade away "

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As I know all to well the Batteries on these bikes need to be almost full in order to work.  They almost need to be on a trickle charger any time that the bike isn't being used.  I now have two of them one on the bike and the other charged up and ready to go with the occasional visit to the trickle charger.   The stock Suzuki one is a bit expensive so I use BS Batteries BTX9 12V SLA at 8.4 Amp Hours. 

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I've had no battery issues.