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Author [ES] [CA] [PL] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [DK] [NO] [GR] [TR] Topic: Should I give up smoking?  (Read 587 times)

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Re: Should I give up smoking?
« Reply #7 on: May 02, 2019, 11:13:03 AM »
A very good morning to you Mr Tookadum Sir.  Hell you are up early.  I thought the doctor said you had to have a lay in. :008:

I have just fitted a pair of rubber grips to my lovely Marauder.  Well the originals were starting to wear and I thought it deserved a new pair.  Its face (headlight) lit up with glee.  Hell it has just cost me £15.00.  Mind you it is worth it.  Just because she is old there is no need to let its appearance look rough.

The front drive needed a bit of weeding and now I am bloody knackered. Hell old age is a bugger.  How I wish I was 50 years younger.  Still cant complain too much because I'm better off than some.  :006:

Now I like a bike with lots of chrome and nice shinny paint.  Black just does not do it for me.  Also I like a lot of those ccs, handy if you get in a bit of bother.  I doubt I will be cruising at 80 mph.  Hell of difference between my Marauder and my Inazuma.

I honestly thought that the Inazumas would have a longer life.  I am really surprised at the amount of problems the members a having.  Some of my mates have "knockers", the old old bikes and they are still going.  They have had problems  but you expect that from bikes which are 30/40/50 years old. :156: :156:

If and when I do get to ride the Marauder I will find a steep hill, mind you that is not difficult down here, wait for a strong gust of wind a let her rip downhill.  I would expect to get 80mph plus.  There is nothing wrong with my little Marauder.  Mind you I do think a new engine would be nice.  But there again I would miss the rattles.

One of  the advantages of being a member of this Forum is knowing that there is someone like yourself who has the knowledge and can give advice on how to sort out a problem.  Keep it up my son, keep it up.  Nice to see some new members.  Hell this Forum used to be jumping.

Where they let the apples go bad and then drink the juice and where they talk daft is where you used to live.  Where I live is where they make those handsome pasty's.  You got the wrong county .  Still you cant know everything.  Stick to motorcycles. :745: :745: :745:

Well my friend it is time for my lay down, I am knackered. :180:  You take care now.  :821: